The statutory provisions apply to your order; these entitle you as a purchaser to demand rectification for any faulty goods in the shape of repairs of the faults or the delivery of fault-free goods, i.e. the goods are improved or completely replaced. If your chosen rectification variant involves disproportionately high costs, we are entitled to reject this remedy and select the other variant insofar as this does not involve disproportionately high costs. The statutory guarantee period is two years from the time when the goods are passed to you as our customer


Our liability for claims for damages for whatever legal reason (particularly in the event of delay, defects or other breaches of duty) is limited to the damages foreseeable and typical for this type of contract. The aforesaid limitations of liability do not apply to our being liable due to intent or gross negligence, to guaranteed characteristics of state, injury to life, body or health

Please submit your complaint where you bought the goods - this makes things easier and allows us to process the complaint more quickly and less bureaucratically. If you order by mail-order, please return the good to the mail-order address. If you bought something in a branch, please return the goods here - this helps a lot.
Important: We also need the purchase receipt to process complaints. Our suppliers can only process complaints or make repairs to clean, unsoiled articles


If you are a consumer who does not reside within the European Union (EU) or if you are a company owner, our business location is the legal venue. All claims between you and us are subject exclusively to Spanihs law, provided that, in the case of a consumer contract, this choice of law does not deprive you of the protection granted to you by the mandatory legal provisions of the EU state in which you normally reside.